Text to Audio Creation

Our Text to Audio service will convert your text, blog post or message into an audio format that you can use on your website, social media, answering service, audiobook, podcast – wherever.

We have access to multiple accents including:

  • English – British
  • English – USA
  • English – Australian
  • English – Canada
  • English – Hong Kong
  • English – Ireland
  • English – Kenya
  • English – New Zealand
  • English – Nigeria
  • English – Singapore
  • English – Phillapines
  • English – South Africa
  • English – Tanzania
  • English – Mexico
  • English – Sweden
  • English – Italy

We have other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Urdu, Spanish but we cannot verify the accuracy of the output (and if they are clean!) so we cannot offer revisions on these languages.

We will need the language text sent in the actual language so that we can create the audio.

Please feel free to message us if you need another language, we can arrange a sample.

If you want a short sample of any voice, click on the language in the list or send us a message via the contact form, we can create a few sentences for you as a sample.

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