How can you help me rank on YouTube?

YouTube ranking has many factors and depending on the competition, you can rank well with a lower package if your video and channel is optimised.

Essentially, the ranking refers to where your video shows up when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase on YouTube search. The higher up your video appears, the better it’s ranking for that term.

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YouTube relies on a complex AI algorithm to decide rankings. But generally, these key factors influence where a video ranks:

  • Video Title & Description: These must contain the keyword being targeted. Optimising them improves rankings.
  • Watch Time: Videos that keep viewers watching longer tend to rank higher. Create engaging content.
  • Video Quality: Higher resolution, clear audio, and good editing help with rankings.
  • Shares & Embeds: More external websites and users sharing/embedding your video signals value.
  • Channel Authority: Videos on channels with more subscribers and authority often outrank newer channels.

So in summary, creating videos that get more engagement, driving views from external traffic sources, and focusing on quality/authority signals will improve your YouTube rankings over time.

Let us know if you need help ensuring your YouTube channel and videos are optimized for as much exposure as possible. Ranking highly for your keywords is key to being discovered.

We can drive real views, interactions, embeds and shares and much more to help you rank higher on YouTube.

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