What is a Cloud Power Stack?

A Cloud Power Stack or a Cloud Authority Stack as we call it is a premium stack of cloud pages or sites, interlinked for maximum power..

This is a complete site with keyword-rich content and approximately 1-100 pages per site.

These pages are all keyword rich, interlinked and the cloud power stack can be spread across multiple providers creating a powerful unit of power and authority.

Our Cloud Power Stacks are custom-built to offer the best ranking and authority-boosting opportunities.

We use all of the major cloud providers from:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Backblaze Cloud
  • Digital Ocean Cloud
  • Bunny Cloud
  • Vultr Cloud
  • and many more

We can harness the power of the cloud power stack and send to your URL. These are perfectly safe to send directly to a “money site” page or e-commerce product listing as they are from an authoritative source.

In some cases, depending on the SERP, the cloud pages and stack can organically rank meaning that you take over more of the valuable SERP real estate – potentially capturing more clicks.

View our range of Cloud services.

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