What is a Google Entity Stack?

One of the services we offer is the custom creation of a Google Entity Stack but what is it?

A Google Entity Stack is the same as a Google Authority Stack, Google Power Stack or Google Stack.

We prefer the name Google Authority Stack as it is a powerhouse of Google properties created to give your site authority by leveraging the power of these properties and their trust factor as Google properties.

A Google Entity Stack is a stack of high-authority Google properties that we create to pass power and authority to your online assets.

A Google Entity Stack or Google Power Stack consists of multiple Google properties all interlinked and created to send power to your link.

The most common uses are to power up your product pages, product categories, blog posts, tier 1 properties, social properties, cloud stacks and so on.

Each Google Entity Stack is created with your input, we focus the stack on your supplied keywords and interlink all of the Google entities together.

The Google Entity Stack consists of:

  • Google Site
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Slides
  • PDFs
  • Google Drawing
  • Google Forms
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive (public)
  • Blogger

Once we create the stack, the authority and power of the stack is transferred to the URL you provided in the order process.

This is another part of the ranking and authority process – whilst there are no guarantees, every little bit of power helps you rank.

Let’s face it, Google loves Google!

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