What is Keyword Research?

We want to make sure you fully understand effective keyword research and how it impacts your strategy going forwards. This is one of the most important foundations of SEO, so it’s crucial to get right!

What exactly is keyword research? Simply put, it’s the process of identifying relevant search terms and keywords that your ideal customers or readers are searching for, so you can create optimised content around those topics. When people search for keywords you target, you can show up in search results and drive organic traffic to your site.

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But why is keyword research so important? Properly selected keywords help us:

  • Create content that answers your potential customers’ main questions
  • Optimise pages around focused topics that attract searchers
  • Identify opportunities where you can realistically rank well in search engines
  • Focus your SEO efforts on the terms that will drive the most valuable traffic
  • Build out your content to cover keyword gaps where competitors are currently ranking

Without strategic keyword research, we’d be guessing about the right topics instead of letting actual search data guide our strategy.

Here is a quick rundown of our process:

  • We start with keyword brainstorming based on your products, services, brand terms, site content and industry terminology. This gives us a master list to work from.
  • We use premium, industry standard paid keyword research tools to analyse search volume data and how hard it will be to rank for each term. This tells us how valuable the keyword is.
  • We examine what your competitors rank for as inspiration for potential targets.
  • We look at your existing analytics for insight into the terms already driving organic traffic.
  • We organise keywords into priority groups so we can focus on the most important ones first.

Ongoing keyword research is crucial because search trends evolve over time. We will revisit your targets to ensure they still reflect your visitors’ search intent.

Let us know if you need any clarification on how our keyword research benefits your SEO strategy. Proper targeting is what will take your organic search presence to the next level!

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