YouTube Ranking Service

Our YouTube ranking service if offered in multiple packages.

We have years of experience in ranking YouTube videos and use our techniques and strategies to help you rank your YouTube videos.

We utilise multiple techniques including real views, interactions and backlinks.

YouTube ranking requires your video to be optimised for your intended keyword – follow the criteria below.

The YouTube algorithm favours videos that get real views, interactions such as comments, shares etc, and also we also have embeds and backlinks packages to help you rank in Google search.

Our packages offer REAL YouTube user views – not bots.  YouTube is getting smarter and more sophisticated so gone are the days where bot views can get you ranked as well as they could.

The users will actively search for your video and click to watch, they will watch for a certain amount of time then interact by leaving a like, comment or subscribing.

Low competition keywords and niches will be easier to dominate with the Essential package, you can quickly build up authority and rank higher organically after YouTube sees that your videos are being watched and interacted with.

The Enhanced package will give you even more users watching and interacting with your channel, this is great for low – medium competition keywords and niches.

Our Superior package will send a larger number of users to watch and interact with the video, this is ideal for low – medium competition keyword and niches.  This will allow you to dominate at the top of the YouTube search.

Please ensure that your video meets the following criteria for best results.

Video Ranking Criteria

  1. Please have a clear thumbnail uploaded before ordering our service.
  2. For best results, purchase the service within 48 hours of uploading your video. If your video has not been uploaded, let us know and we can work up an upload schedule.
  3. Include your target keyword at the beginning of your video title, in your tags and beginning of your description to help with rankings.
  4. Your video should be a minimum of 2 minutes in length.
  5. Enable “Review all comments” on your video and manually approve comments to ensure only the comments you want are shown publicly under your video .
  6. For best results, your video should automatically rank in the top 50 after upload without the service. If that is not the case, we can usually help with our rankings packages but there is no guarantee.
  7. Please do not use other ranking services alongside our service. Many services use bots and if you are giving these negative signals to YouTube, you may damage your YouTube channel.

Channel Authority Criteria

  1. Please ensure you have at least 5 public videos on your channel before ordering the service.
  2. Enable “Review all comments” on your video and manually approve comments to ensure only the comments you want are shown publicly under your video .

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