What is a Backlinks Campaign

What is a Backlinks Campaign?

A backlinks campaign is used to give your Tier 1 and Tier 2+ properties some authority and relevance. Tier 1 properties can be Cloud Sites, Social profiles, other entities that are closely related to the main site.  They are usually high quality and authoritative – they are directly linking to the main website. Tier 2+

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What is Advanced Schema Markup

What is Advanced Schema Markup?

Schema markup was developed by Google, Bing and Yahoo as a readable language for their bots to understand what the page is about. Many sites do not have schema at all which is a disadvantage, why not help the search engines understand you and your content fast? With our Advanced Schema Markup service, we will

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What is a Google Stack in SEO?

Wha is a Google Stack in SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving field. As search engines like Google become more sophisticated, SEO strategies must adapt accordingly. One technique that has emerged in recent years is known as Google stacking or Google entity stacking. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what exactly Google

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YouTube Ranking Service

YouTube Ranking Service

Our YouTube ranking service if offered in multiple packages. We have years of experience in ranking YouTube videos and use our techniques and strategies to help you rank your YouTube videos. We utilise multiple techniques including real views, interactions and backlinks. YouTube ranking requires your video to be optimised for your intended keyword – follow

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Do Google GMB Reviews matter?

In simple terms, Google My Business/Google Business Profile (GMB or GBP) reviews are star ratings and written feedback left by customers based on their experience with your business. For example, someone who had a great experience at your restaurant could leave a 5-star review describing what they enjoyed. Prefer to listen to this article? Reviews

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What is Keyword Research?

We want to make sure you fully understand effective keyword research and how it impacts your strategy going forwards. This is one of the most important foundations of SEO, so it’s crucial to get right! What exactly is keyword research? Simply put, it’s the process of identifying relevant search terms and keywords that your ideal

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Do I need to buy blog posts?

Investing in blog content can be a wise decision as it will allow you to focus on other areas of your business. Here’s an overview of the key reasons this can be beneficial: It allows you to rapidly expand your library of content. More blog posts means more pages targeting more keywords and search terms.

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What is a Cloud Power Stack?

A Cloud Power Stack or a Cloud Authority Stack as we call it is a premium stack of cloud pages or sites, interlinked for maximum power.. This is a complete site with keyword-rich content and approximately 1-100 pages per site. These pages are all keyword rich, interlinked and the cloud power stack can be spread

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